viralstar website is India’s first and only Biography Publication house for the Celebrity. Know all about celebrities, singers, actors, actresses, YouTubers, businessmen, sportsmen, comedians, cricketers, politicians and more.

The founder of the successful website viralstar is Dilip Chaurasiya, who currently runs an impressive 1 web portals in different niches within the company.

The aim of the website was to provide authentic information about world celebrities and people who are in the news.

Viral star is considered as the most credible Celebrity Biography Online Portal. For Months it has been catering to all the viewers, distributors, producers, exhibitors, actors, music companies as a one-stop-shop for all the happenings in the celebrities Fraternity.


viralstar is run by a group of passionate and enthusiastic college students based in India. We have our team members, occasional writers, and contributors, from across the country – and even from outside the country – while we have the operations headquartered at Mumbai, viralstar website is India’s first and only Biography publication house for the Celebrity.

What are our data collection sources?

1. Telephonic interviews with the celebrities conducted by our team
2. Getting information directly from the celebrities via email
3. Authentic internet sources.
4. Interviews

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